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Translating your Success into Communication

The global world of today offers a wide array of possibilities to enter remote markets with your products or services. But top quality is also a prerequisite to stand out from the competition. And this quality is first perceived in the correctness of the language used.

Having delivered translation and interpreting services since 1995 to the private and public sector, DyP is a one-stop shop for businesses that value their corporate image. We are here to help you get into new markets and address officials using the correct language, both culturally and linguistically.

At DyP we combine a long-track record in providing translation and interpreting services across the globe with seasoned professionals, and a hands-on experience in the relevant cultures. Our team is made up of translators and interpreters who hold master's degrees or postgraduate degrees from top universities, and who are experts in bridging cultures.


Our experience at your service

DyP does not just deliver translations - any translation software can do that. DyP taps into its knowledge of target cultures, its wide experience in various industries, and into its worldwide experience to provide timely and accurate translation services that vanquish language barriers.

Comprehensive Services

  • Legal, technical, and scientific translation
  • Certified (sworn) translation
  • Interpreting: simultaneous - consecutive - whispering/chuchotage liaison - trade missions

Fields of Expertise: law (corporate & business law, civil law, patents), telecommunications, aviation, IT, networks, international organizations, renewable energy, pulp & paper, oil & gas.

Highlights in our Work

  • Translation of Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Contracts and Agreements
  • Translation of manuals for the setup of gas plants, power plants, cardboard machines
  • Translation of scientific and research reports for international organizations
  • Software translation and localization
  • Interpreting at negotiations, trade missions
  • Interpreting at training courses on helicopters maintenance, oil drilling, mining
  • Interpreting at Hazop's
  • Interpreting at international conferences in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, France, Germany
  • Security and Defense

Equipment and technical advice

We provide our clients with the necessary technical advice so that the event or meeting meets today's market expectations of excellence and quality, assessing the convenience of using a traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment -and the necessary room support-, or a portable simultaneous interpretation equipment.

When should a portable interpretation equipment be used?

This equipment is recommended for small places, where the interpreter needs to move around or for plant visits, guided tours, trips, or events of up to 25 people. This wireless system does not require any sound or booth installation.

Technical Specifications

Unlike other portable devices available in the Argentine market, with our wireless system, the speaker wears the transmitter with microphone -or it can be placed next to the PA system- and audiences wear the receiver with earphone. One transmitter can connect as many receivers as needed. It provides a stable signal by PLL and both have a built-in rechargeable battery. Thanks to this feature, the interpreter will get a clear message through the headphones, preventing background or external noise from interfering with the source message and facilitating the job of the interpreter.

  • Its cutting-edge technology minimizes RF signals interference with other devices.
  • Cost savings as no installation is required.
  • Lightweight, small, and easy to use and carry.
  • 99 programmable channels.
  • Compatible with 72-76 MHz FM range.
  • Excellent reception quality.
  • For indoor - outdoor use.

When should a simultaneous interpretation system be used?

The simultaneous translation (soundproof booth) system is used for large events of extended duration, with one or multiple rooms and booths of different languages. With this system, interpreters work more comfortably and intervene without being visible to the public. It requires prior installation, qualified technicians and room staff.


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